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Get to know Best-Selling Author James Reasoner

James Reasoner James Reasoner has been telling tales and spinning yarns as far back as he can remember. He’s been…

An Interview With Dallas Barnes

An Interview With Dallas Barnes By Anecia Ascalon Novelist & Screenwriter, Dallas Barnes has written nearly two hundred hours of…

An Interview with Hock Hochheim

An Interview with Hock Hochheim by Anecia Ascalon   Hock Hochheim is a former detective, patrolman, and US Army investigator.…

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Wolfpack Publishing Signs David Boop

Author of Speculative Fiction Novels (LAS VEGAS, NV) –Wolfpack Publishing has acquired the rights to David Boop’s “The Drowned Horse…

Wolfpack Publishing Signs Lynn Eldridge

Wolfpack Publishing announced the signing of Lynn Eldridge to a four-book deal for her romance novels.

Six-Gun Justice Podcast – A Conversation with Reg Quist

The chores are done and it's time to come in off the range and listen to another Six-Gun Justice Conversation…

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