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McCain: The Complete Western Chronicles (Books #1-#8)

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In a sweeping saga of courage, sacrifice, and redemption, bestselling author B.N. Rundell presents the complete epic journey of Elijah McCain.

From the aftermath of the Civil War to the untamed frontiers of the West, follow McCain's relentless pursuit of a promise made to his dying wife—to find and bring home their twin sons, no matter the cost.

From the gold fields of Montana to the scorching deserts of California, McCain faces the perils of lawless lands, ruthless outlaws, and vengeful natives, all while wrestling with the ghosts of his past and the uncertain future of a nation torn by war and greed. With each step closer to his sons, McCain discovers that the true measure of a man lies not in his victories, but in his unwavering commitment to honor and family.

Join Elijah McCain on an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Wild West, where every twist of fate brings him closer to an ultimate showdown of courage and destiny.

This complete Western collection includes The CovenantLast Chance GulchBear GulchNaches TrailSiskiyou TrailEmigrant TrailWashita, and Bridger Trail.