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Reckoning Day: A Classic Western Novella

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Blood brother of the Apache, Dane Calder is more than a bounty hunter—he's a legend in the making. With the vast expanse of the Southwest as his domain, he dispenses his own brand of justice, having earned a reputation as a cunning man-hunter, feared by outlaws and respected by lawmen alike.

But when Cactus Charley and his ruthless gang stage a daring jailbreak, Dane’s past collides with his present. With the blood of his friends staining the desert sands, he vows to bring these murderers to justice. But this time, it's personal. The brutal slaying of Doc Newland, his beloved wife, and a gentle Indian girl fuels Dane’s thirst for vengeance like never before.

As he sets out on the trail of his enemies, he knows the journey will be perilous. Yet, fueled by determination and guided by his Apache instincts, he'll stop at nothing to see justice served. For Dane Calder, this isn't just another bounty—it's a quest he knows will take him to the very gates of Hell itself.

Experience the thrill of the chase and the heat of vengeance in this gripping Western adventure tale of courage, honor, and the ultimate pursuit of justice. Buy your copy today!