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  • To Hell With Hollywood!

    To Hell With Hollywood!

    Okay, being a lifelong movie buff I really don’t mean it. I love movies and admittedly am a groupie. I love to watch celebs and vicariously walk in their footsteps. John Wayne, Joel McCrae, Clint (wouldn’t you love to be recognized by your first name), Palance, Costner (or even only by your last name), and many others are semi-deities to us western fans.
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  • Wolfpack Publishing Signs David Boop

    Wolfpack Publishing Signs David Boop

    Wolfpack Publishing has acquired the rights to David Boop’s “The Drowned Horse Chronicle – Volume One: The Forrest Years.”, a collection of ‘Weird Westerns’ tales as part of his ongoing Drowned Horse Chronicle series.
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  • An Interview with John Russo

    An Interview with John Russo

    I wrote my very first poem in 4th grade when we had a substitute teacher, who refused to believe that I had written it myself, as opposed to copying it out of a book. She spent an hour or so trying to find the book that I must've copied from, with no success. I think that's when I first realized I must have some writing talent.
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