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The Wolfpack Publishing Team

Wolfpack Publishing originally started as a digital back list publisher, specializing in western fiction. Thanks to our dedicated staff, Wolfpack Publishing has matured into a hybrid publisher, utilizing print on demand for our paperback books and introducing as many new releases as back list titles and in multiple genres.

Our management team is top shelf and works closely with our diverse resource of editing, copy editing, and art consultants. In addition to the production side, Wolfpack prides itself in our marketing, utilizing vendors from as far away as India and the Philippines. We stay on the cutting edge of marketing trends and utilize an impressive suite of software and internet solutions to aid us in both marketing and operations.

Mike Bray - CEO

Mike Bray is an online publisher. He's also a 16-year veteran Internet marketer and a search engine optimization expert. You'd expect all of his business interests would prevent him from running a company, but it doesn't. He's also CEO of Wolfpack Publishing founded in 2013 with western genre writer Larry Martin. Having hit the ground running by signing up an impressive list of western authors and their back lists, by December 2016 Wolfpack had sold a cumulative 2 million books with anticipated sales of over 1 million books in 2017. Martin retired last year selling most of his stake in the company to Bray and assuming more of a consultant role. Bray has increased online visibility and sales for a full array of companies from phone services to political campaigns to jet charter services and fishing charters. Everything from sole proprietors to large corporations including and, of course, Wolfpack Publishing also based in Las Vegas, NV.

Bray grew up in Atascadero in Central California and attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo majoring in agricultural business. Besides Atascadero, he's lived in both Bakersfield and San Jose, CA, Cedar City, UT, Boise, ID and currently resides in Las Vegas, NV. He has two grown children.

Jake Bray - President

A former educator and artist with a passion for great storytelling, before joining Wolfpack, Jake spent the last couple of decades in higher education and working in live entertainment as a lighting designer and production manager. Since joining Wolfpack, Jake continues to oversee business development and distribution for all of its entities with a focus on developing their in-house properties and connecting Wolfpack Publishing with various production partners in audio and film/tv development.

Todd Barselow - Production Editor

I got my start in publishing back in 2008 when I edited my first manuscript for a friend looking for feedback. The process came naturally to me, and over the next 13 years I cultivated it into a thriving business (thanks in no small part to Anne Rice, author of Interview with the Vampire and so many other captivating works, who championed my cause and sent so very many authors and aspiring authors to me for work and advice). I’ve worked on 300+ books and with lord only knows how many authors…I’ve lost count. I mainly worked with self-publishing authors, but I also did some publishing house work along the way, ultimately finding a home here at Wolfpack.

I’m originally from the Outer Banks of North Carolina (where I grew up about a hundred yards from a used bookstore, which greatly influenced me from a very early age). I currently reside in Davao City, Philippines. I’m the father of Mandolyn Kagome, my amazing daughter, and partner to Ella, my beautiful girlfriend.

Patience Bramlett - Production Editor

As Editor for three of Wolfpack Publishing's imprints—Rough Edges Press, CKN Christian Publishing, and Wise Wolf Books—Patience Bramlett is a book lover through and through.

With a sharp eye for detail and a deep appreciation for great storytelling, she oversees the production of action-packed mysteries, heartfelt Christian tales, and thrilling young adult adventures. She’s the fairy godmother for all things publishing, and she prides herself on cleaning up authors’ words without changing their art.

When she isn’t diving into our world’s stories, you can find her snuggled up at home with the two loves of her life, her beloved husband and adorable daughter. And if you happen to spot her racing around town, don't worry—she's just frantically reloading her GPS in pursuit of the next great cup of coffee!

Laura Sarrafan - Art Director

Laura Sarrafan was welcomed as a member of the Wolfpack team in October of 2019. She has since been promoted from Internet Development Coordinator to Art Director. Laura has designed hundreds of book covers for Wolfpack Publishing award-winning authors. Her contributions extend to creating a broad range of visual content for marketing, advertising, branding, social media, email marketing, catalogs, book covers, audio covers, and more. She has also directed and photographed photoshoots, as well as created an in-house stock image library.

Laura attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, where she studied photography with an emphasis on advertising and portraiture. Laura has a diverse background in a variety of mediums such as photography, graphic design, drafting, interior design, advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing. She is passionate about design theory and continues to broadening her skills and hone her creative craft.

Laura Sarrafan’s professional experience includes, but is not limited to Photo Editor, Professional Photographer, Graphic Designer, Internet Development Coordinator, and Art Director.

Paul Bishop - Acquisitions Editor

A thirty-five year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, Paul Bishop’s career included a three year tour with his department's Anti-Terrorist Division and over twenty-five years’ experience in the investigation of sex crimes. His Special Assault Units regularly produced the highest number of detective initiated arrests and highest crime clearance rates in the city. Twice honored as LAPD’s Detective of the Year, Paul also received the Quality and Productivity Commission Award from the City of Los Angeles.

As a nationally recognized behaviorist and deception detection expert, Paul starred as the lead interrogator and driving force behind the ABC TV reality show Take the Money and Run from producer Jerry Bruckheimer. He currently conducts law enforcement training seminars across the country, and lectures regularly at University of California Channel Islands. As a deception detection consultant for criminal and civil attorneys, Paul’s unique skills have made him a highly sought after resource for private companies faced with potentially damaging in-house data breaches, industrial espionage, and corporate sabotage.

Paul is the author of fifteen novels and has written numerous scripts for episodic television and feature films. A regular speaker at writing conferences, Paul has mentored a monthly writing group for the past six years. His latest novel, Lie Catchers, is the first in a new series featuring top LAPD interrogators Ray Pagan and Calamity Jane Randall. With author friend Scott Harris, he has also recently released 52 Weeks • 52 Western Novels—A guide to six-gun favorites and new discoveries. The popularity of this venture will shortly be followed by 52 Weeks • 52 Western Movies and 52 Weeks • 52 Western TV Shows and more.