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The Seven Six-Gunners and Mule Man: A Western Double

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From Nelson C. Nye, Western Writers of America co-founder and Spur Award-winning author, two classic action and adventure novels of the American West.

In The Seven Six-Gunners, veterans of the Chisum-Murphy feud were bound to find themselves with enemies, and Flick Farson was certainly no exception. He’d been looking for a place to lay low for a spell, but Tombstone sure as shootin’ wasn’t that place. See, Flick knew about a payday to be had, hidden somewhere in the harsh and forbidding Arizona mountains. Would his wits match the speed of his gun, scoring him enough cold, hard cash to live the rest of his life on, or would fate have different plans…

In Mule Man, Brice Corrigan earned his nickname ‘Mule Man’ partly for the animal he rode, and partly for his foul disposition. The man and his mule were both stubborn as could be, and while that might have seemed like a bad thing, for Corrigan it was just a way of life. He’d signed on with this godforsaken crew of ten men just to be contrary to the lady who’d hired him, and he just had to prove her wrong. Now, they were headed out into Arizona’s Chaco Canyon country with Jeff Larrimore, an anthropologist keen to have the crew digging for Anasazi cliff-dweller relics from thousands of years ago. The going wouldn’t be easy, but Corrigan would stick it out come hell or high water…

Nelson Nye's award-winning westerns: "Start at top speed and keep going hell bent-for-leather through to the smashing finish.” – Tucson Daily Citizen