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Nothing But The Truth (Almost): Mostly True Stories From an LAPD Detective of the Year

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Taking stories from his exceptional career with the Los Angeles Police Department, novelist, screenwriter, and television personality Paul Bishop shares some of the funny, dangerous, and poignant cases from his 35 years on the job. A nationally recognized behaviorist and deception detection expert, Paul’s high-profile Special Assault Units regularly produced the highest number of detective-initiated arrests and highest crime clearance rates in the city. Twice honored as LAPD’s Detective of the Year, he also received the Quality and Productivity Commission Award from the City of Los Angeles.

Starring as the lead interrogator and driving force behind the ABC TV reality show Take the Money and Run from producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Paul displayed his unique skills as a human lie detector to a nationwide audience. He is now a highly sought-after resource for private companies faced with in-house data breaches, industrial espionage, and corporate sabotage. He is the author of fifteen novels and has written numerous scripts for episodic television and feature films. Nothing But The Truth (Almost)... provides an insight into Paul's skills and fascinating profession.