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Disobedience: A YA Western Novel

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Join thirteen-year-old Dillan Burnes as he defies the ironclad rules of his 1915 Arizona utopian community to unravel a murder mystery.

Preacher Docket's Rules for Saintly Youth:

#1. No Kissing
#2. No Lying
#3. No Interrupting Sabbath Service …

In this captivating tale, Dillan's discovery of a murderer puts his life in grave danger. With his sick brother in tow, he must navigate the treacherous wilderness on a desperate mission to save his mother. Will he reach civilization in time, or will a relentless posse determined to silence him forever be his downfall?

Experience the gripping suspense and heart-pounding action of this captivating journey into the unknown. Break the rules alongside Dillan as he fights for survival and unravels the secrets hidden within his community.

Unleash your spirit of adventure and join Dillan on an unforgettable quest filled with danger, mystery, and the pursuit of justice!