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Rowdy: Redemption (Rowdy Book #2)

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In this transformative coming-of-age western a devastating fire sends Rowdy hot on the trail in a twist of vengeful pursuit…

When Rowdy returns from a hunting trip he discovers the Circle ‘R’ has been burned down and Dog severely injured. Searching for answers, he finds a clue that just might lead him to an old foe. Filled with anger, frustration, and pain, Rowdy once again sets off with Roberson and Cappy to face Patrick Byrne, the man behind the ruthless attacks.

Things go awry on their trip north when they stop to help travelers, and Rowdy and Roberson soon realize they have been double-crossed. Taken captive by bandits, Rowdy, now a prisoner, must await his fate. Forced to fight for survival, Rowdy takes a stand with Byrne.

Rowdy’s journey from Lincoln started as a vengeful pursuit, but somewhere along the way he came to the realization that no matter their acts, it was not for him to decide the fate of another. Leaving Rowdy to wonder, can he find Redemption of his own?

“Rowdy’s vulnerability and forthrightness make his character relatable to people of all ages and backgrounds.” —Early Reader