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Lucky Chance (The Deadman Book #4)

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It has been eight years since Matthew’s wife, Iris, was murdered and he went out in search of her killers; risking life, limb, and sanity in his search for justice. Now, he’s a simple, country lawyer. It’s certainly safer than being a lawman, but he is bored until an old friend’s plea for justice sends Matthew in a whole new direction…

Frederick Holland’s youngest son, Johnny, was killed in a “fixed” boxing match, and Fred wants Matthew to search for proof that the boxer’s gloves were loaded with Plaster of Paris. Problem is, Matthew no longer carries a badge. What can he do to help his old friend? Become a private investigator, of course.

And so begins the Wilcox and Son Investigation Agency. Matthew’s son, Chance, was a boxing champion in the Army and he is the perfect man to prove Snake-Eyes Svenson’s guilt but, can he survive the encounter?

Find out in LUCKY CHANCE… the first of the Wilcox and Son case files!