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Pretty Little Robots: The Complete YA Fantasy Romance Trilogy (Books #1-#3)

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Being told your ideal career and mate sounds perfect until you realize it’s not at all as it seems.

In the nation of Airo-Aurora, data-collecting microchips are implanted in each citizen’s brain to ensure that everyone is slotted into their ideal career and wedded to their ideal mate. Alex Egelton always envisioned a quiet and easy life with a job she’s prepared for and a husband she already knows. Her life is capsized when she finds out she will serve as a handmaid to her future husband—the palace viscount.

In The Sordid Selection, join Alex as her perfect life unravels, thrusting her into a world of tiaras, backstabbing, and mayhem. Mysterious scrolls with cryptic clues lead her on a journey with tremendous ramifications. Can she navigate her unwanted life while discovering a truth that will change everything?

The Selection dealt Alex a rough hand…but she’s not about to let that stop her from righting a few wrongs. In King’s Salacious Secrets, Alex uncovers a heinous truth about Airo-Aurora and its ruler, with innocent lives at stake. Can she dismantle the system and dethrone the king while being watched by the Mainframe? Join her as she finds allies and fights for justice.

In Scapegoat of Strath Glen, the heart-pounding conclusion, Alex faces a choice: orchestrate the downfall of the King or face horrifying consequences. With the world's destiny on her shoulders, can she protect her fiancé, navigate intrigue, and bring about change?

Author Jerri Chisholm masterfully weaves a web of suspense and emotion, leaving readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page. Order your copy today!