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Gunsmoke and The Shootin' Sheriff: A Western Double

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From Western Writers of America co-founder and Spur Award-winning author Nelson C. Nye, two classic action and adventure Western novels packaged together for a thrilling read.

In Gunsmoke, the town of Pecos had existed peacefully for fourteen years, but that idyllic reverie wasn’t meant to last. Sheriff Lawler, a young no nonsense lawman, sees trouble brewing on the horizon as strangers begin appearing in town. Just as suddenly as they appear, each one turns up dead, without rhyme or reason.

The only clue for Lawler to go on is a single-word cryptic note found with each corpse: Justice. Will the sheriff catch the killer before his warped sense of justice further damages Pecos, or will he get away scot-free, leaving the terror he’s sown to linger and fester…

In The Shootin’ Sheriff, sharp-dressed Wild Bill Dorne is elected by the townsfolk of Spavined Nag, Arizona, and tasked with cleaning up rustler Pecos Borst’s outlaw’s paradise, which has been operating with impunity on the edge of town for years.

Sharp dressed as he may be, Sheriff Dorne’s shootin’ is even sharper, as Borst and his gang find out. They may have underestimated the fiery red-headed lawman, but will his skills with a six-shooter be enough to save the day, or will the creeping tendrils of villainy continue to strangle the town…

Nelson Nye's award-winning westerns: "Start at top speed and keep going hell bent-for-leather through to the smashing finish. The tempo of his stories is breakneck from start to finish. With climax piled atop climax." – Tucson Daily Citizen