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The War Torn Series: Volume Two (Books #4-#6)

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The century’s epic struggle – filled with insight and humanity.

Three families, all affected by the bloody drama of World War II, and all with a loved one fighting a life-or-death battle. Some may live, some may not, but all, even those at home, are at the forefront of war.

Imperial Japan was a contradiction but in its collective mentality, it was the center of all that was right, good, and powerful and it was about to be shaken to its core. Meanwhile, a German family – The Rodls – are torn between love of their homeland and a growing distrust of a creed of blood and hatred, heroes and victims of Hitler's Third Reich. And finally, war found its way to Australia, where Jack Morris must stand against a merciless enemy.

The War Torn Series: Volume Two includes The Divine And The Damned, The Masters and The Martyrs, and The Battered and The Bloody.