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A Muddled War (Tales of an Inconvenient War Book #3)

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Everett Klehn, Simone Smithson, and Amos Caldwell find themselves in new circumstances as the great breakout from the Pusan Perimeter occurs and the North Korean advance is rolled back in September 1950. An enemy counterattack leaves the war in a virtual stalemate.

Everett believes he is leaving the war behind when he is transferred to Supreme Allied Headquarters in Tokyo, only to find himself more involved in the war than ever.

Simone Smithson goes back to the United States and, to her frustration, tells her stories of war to an indifferent American public.

Amos Caldwell, a black American, has to confront innate racial bias, but overcomes his own sense of injustice by leading his African-American troops through very difficult fighting along the 38th Parallel. Each triumphs in his/her own particular way.

Emery Buxton draws on his own travels and study of Asia to give background and insight into the nature of the Korean War. His characters are ordinary Americans who perform extraordinarily when confronted with the dangers and brutality of a war that becomes increasingly confused, with no end in sight.