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Winter Waifs (Rocky Mountain Saint Book #12)

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The twelfth novel in the best-selling Rocky Mountain Saint western series by B.N. Rundell.

As the war back east rages, farmers and pilgrims choose to flee and exchange a life of uncertainty for the possible dream of free land in the west.  But the steady influx of wagon trains has the plains Indians up in arms and when whites willfully ignore the tenets of recent treaties and choose to settle in Indian lands, conflict rages.

Forces of nature intervene, and the heavy snows of spring bring the mountains tumbling down an errant wagon train. When Sean and White Fox are tasked with the recovery of survivors, they are flummoxed as to what to do with the new additions to their rapidly expanding family!

Maggie and Sadie have chosen to escape the conflict in the big city during the escalating Civil War, only to find themselves caretakers of two stray youngsters themselves.  Now, the challenge for the young couple is how to get homes for a half dozen children, reunite family in the mountains, and keep hundreds of pilgrims from sparking additional conflict on the Oregon Trail.