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Shoshoni Vengeance (Rocky Mountain Lawmen Book #3)

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Someone is killing and mutilating Shoshonis on the reservation. Most everyone—red and white—is certain the Arapahos are guilty. But Chief Washakie and the federal agent, Orv Ashby, aren’t so sure and request help. When U.S. Deputy Marshal Buck Morgan arrives to hunt down the venomous killers, he is not welcome by either side. But he soon finds himself liking and liked by the Indians. With the help of Big Horse, Two Wounds, and other Shoshonis, he goes after the killers. With a corrupt Army lieutenant on one side and a pack of gruesomely vicious outlaws on the other, Morgan and his companions are in the battle of their lives as they search the Wind River Reservation and the fetid town of Flat Fork. Only one group can survive, and Morgan aims to make certain it is his.