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The Plainswoman: An American Historical Romance Novel

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Award-winning author Irene Bennett Brown’s timeless tale of endurance, perseverance, and passion for life.

Amity Whitford dared to stake a claim on the endless plains of western Kansas. She built her homestead, Dove’s Nest, with her bare hands in an effort to tame the wild lands and carve out a place of her own. But the ravages of the sun and drying winds took their toll, putting her dreams and her livelihood in dire jeopardy.

Desperate for funds, fiercely independent Amity accepted another challenge–to run for election as the county school superintendent. Her campaign was greeted with disbelief, scorn, open hostility…and interest.

But as her dream came within reach, and her love for local newspaper publisher Chalk Holden dared to bloom in her heart, Amity’s past returned, carrying with it a menace more fierce than any storm on the open plains…