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Comanche Winter and Other Stories of the West

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From Western storyteller Vonn McKee, this collection of eight short stories includes Western Writers of America Spur Finalist THE SONGBIRD OF SEVILLE and Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Finalist THE GUNFIGHTER’S GIFT.

Four new releases round out this diverse selection. The title story, COMANCHE WINTER, pits a young schoolboy against a Comanche attack. After killing a stranger and stealing his horse and possessions, a fugitive criminal in SHEEP’S CLOTHING finds himself having to live up to his victim’s reputation. A pair of bumbling robbers is lost in the desert with THE GOLDEN MARE and a saddlebag full of gold, neither of which can save them from their own poor judgment.

With sharp historical accuracy, McKee explores both the ordinary and the unusual characters of the West, from opera singers to aging gunfighters to circus performers caught behind battle lines of the Civil War.