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Treasures of the Ancients: The Search for America's Lost Fortunes

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Treasure hunter, historian, and television personality Timothy Draper has one very important question for you: Will you be the one to find America’s next Lost Treasure?

In this first book by one of the country’s foremost experts, you’ll gain invaluable insight into the methods used to unearth the secrets that could lead you to lost gold, silver, gems, and other hidden artifacts from the past.

Included in the book are a great number of images of clues Timothy has found while out in the field, and he tells you about how you, too, can find these clues that are all around you. He also provides a comprehensive list of known lost treasures from all 50 states to give you a jumpstart on your treasure-hunting journey.

Whether you’re a novice with no tools or have been a seeker your whole life with a truckload of gear, Treasures of the Ancients offers up valuable information that’ll get you up off of the couch and into the heart of America in search of America’s next Lost Treasure!