Robert Vaughan’s Arrow & Saber: A US Cavalry Adventure Series

New York Times bestselling author Robert Vaughan’s harrowing and exciting series following US Army Cavalry officer Marcus Cavanaugh, complete and unabridged for the first time!

Fresh from West Point, Second Lieutenant Marcus Cavanaugh arrives with a platoon of recruits from the East into territory seething with Indian trouble. Two Eagles and his renegade band of Cheyenne warriors have broken the peace, raiding railroad crews and wagon trains, slaughtering men, women, and children, then disappearing into the hills.

Scouting for Two Eagles war party, Cavanaugh, at last, discovers their winter village, barely escaping with his life to report back to the fort. But nothing in his military training has prepared him for the savagery and danger he encounters as he leads his men against hostile braves in the bloody battle known as the… OUSHATA MASSACRE

Fort Wallace, Colorado Territory: 1873

After reports of brutal Cheyenne attacks on small ranches, young Captain Marcus Cavanaugh and his men saddle up to intercept the renegade band. While they’re gone, a grief-stricken settler takes matters into his own hands and ambushes an Indian camp, killing several braves.

Angered by the cowardly slaughter of his people, Chief Silver Bear vows revenge by enlisting the neighboring Sioux and Arapaho nations to declare war on the white man. When regular patrols can’t stop the raiding parties, Captain Cavanaugh volunteers to take his company of Quick Riders to wipe out the hostiles and head off a full-scale uprising. But in a predawn attack, the three nations surround Cavanaugh’s troops camped on a small island in the Arikaree River. Pinned down by enemy crossfire and low on supplies, they fight to hold their ground in the bloody battle for… CAVANAUGH’S ISLAND.

Sweetwater Creek, Texas: 1876

Only wisps of smoke and buzzards engorged on human flesh remain after Comanche warriors attack a stage relay station in the Texas Panhandle. Leading a company of untested recruits to an outpost on Sweetwater Creek, Major Marcus Cavanaugh finds the gruesome evidence and realizes he has a full-scale Indian uprising on his hands.

With stagecoaches, homesteaders, and cattle drovers crossing the Panhandle for Arizona Territory and the Kansas railheads, hundreds of lives are still at stake. But before Cavanaugh can whip his troops into shape, a wagon train rolls straight into a Comanche ambush. Ready or not, Cavanaugh is forced to head his men into the brutal hell of an all-out… COMANCHE WAR.

Fort Keogh, Wyoming: 1878

After surviving bloody ambushes by renege Sioux warriors, Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Cavanaugh finds his welcome at Fort Keogh to be hardly a warm one. Major Templeton, the officer who built the fort, is outranked by Cavanaugh and unwilling to play second fiddle to the new commander.

With a mutiny and the chain of command endangered, the Sioux begin attacking. Though Cavanaugh orders caution, his subordinate boasts that he could rout the entire Sioux nation with a handful of pony soldiers. The disgruntled major leads his troops straight into a vicious Sioux trap. Now Cavanaugh and the few good men he has left must defeat the savages, and avenge… THE TEMPLETON MASSACRE.

Robert Vaughan’s Arrow & Saber: A US Cavalry Adventure Series contains the following complete and unabridged titles:





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The Lost Herd: (The Crocketts Book 12) by Robert Vaughan

Award winning, best selling author Robert Vaughan brings back some of his most endearing characters with the Crockett brothers. Mount up and get ready for the trail, pard, as these two wisecracking cowpokes head out on their most audacious adventure yet!

“Go West, young man!” That’s the cry heard ‘round the country, and the Crockett Brothers, Will and Gid, in their usual custom, take it to the extreme. California and the Pacific Ocean is where they’re heading.

With a spirit of adventure–and a bank account balance just as big, thanks to some fine wheelin’ and dealin’–California is the place to be. Along the way they encounter friendlies and foes, and deal with each accordingly, in fine Crockett fashion that’ll leave you alternately gripping the edge of your seat and laughing up a storm. So, sit back and enjoy the ride, pard, it’s gonna be a good ‘un!

The Crockett Brothers are back for their biggest adventure yet!

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The Tenderfoot by Robert Vaughan

Master of the Western adventure, New York Times best-selling author Robert Vaughan is back with another page-turner sure to please Western fans of all ages.

When Turquoise Ranch hand Curly Stevens went into Flagstaff to meet a new employee arriving on the train, his first impression of Rob Barringer is of how big and strong the tenderfoot is. Rob’s eagerness to learn and his willingness to take on the most difficult jobs win everyone over, including ranch foreman Jake Dunford, and Melanie Duford, his beautiful daughter.

Rob is well-educated, and his demeanor and intelligence catch the attention of Melanie, causing him difficulty with ranch manager Lee Garrison, who believes he has an exclusive right to Melanie. Garrison makes life difficult for the ranch hands and Rob in particular.

When Jake Dunford makes a public accusation that the ranch manager is stealing from the ranch, Garrison reacts by firing everyone, but it is Garrison who is in for a big surprise.

“Vaughan offers readers a chance to hit the trail and not even end up saddle sore.”—Publishers Weekly

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Cold Revenge: A Classic Western by Robert Vaughan

When Rand Colby’s fiancé is killed by four escaping bank-robbers, Rand takes up the mission of finding the men who killed her. During his search, Rand befriends Charles Holiday, owner of a hotel/saloon/brothel in Laramie. Charles is shot, and his dying wish is for Rand to go to St. Louis to find his niece, to whom he is leaving his business.

Carrie Holiday, Charles’ niece, lives at the New Life Orphanage where she worked as a governess. It is no mere coincidence, for when she was a baby, she had been left at the home by Charles, the uncle she was unaware existed.

When Carrie reaches Laramie she learns that what she thought was a hotel was also a saloon and brothel. She immediately makes some changes and turns the extra space into a community meeting room. As Carrie struggles with the hotel, she is helped by her uncle’s lawyer whose “help” may lead her into bankruptcy so he can take over the hotel for himself.

In the meantime, Rand continues his hunt locating and bringing to justice the bank robbers, one at a time. When Carrie is kidnapped, Rand, who has found all but one of the men who killed his fiancé, must put his original mission aside to rescue her.

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