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The Trail to Reservation: A Classic Western Series (The Plainsman Westerns Book #7)

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B.N. Rundell continues the epic frontier saga which has captivated and delighted so many readers and catapulted the series to continual best-seller status.

Late summer, 1864. America’s bloodiest war was coming to an end and many displaced families from every corner of the land in search of new homes, land, and even gold were heading west., unaware of the dangers that awaited. With the natives continually striving to make peace, and politicians and soldiers repeatedly breaking treaties and forcing tribes onto smaller and smaller reservations, the people had had enough. The Indian wars of the west would soon cause the lands to run red with the blood of settlers, soldiers, and natives alike. Into this melee, Reuben and Elly Grundy are dispatched in an effort to keep disgruntled renegade rebels from wreaking havoc.

But with the Sioux, the Cheyenne and their Dog Soldiers, the Arapaho, Comanche, and Kiowa all joining forces against the settlers and others, anything could happen. Add into the mix a handful of wannabe politicians, glory-seeking soldiers, and blood-thirsty soldiers that believe the only good Indian is a dead one, the task could prove near impossible…

As the Colorado territory plains burn with destroyed wagons and homes, and blood paints the flats crimson, the challenge continues. But will it be too much for one well-intentioned couple?