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Quick-Trigger Country and G Stands For Gun: A Western Double

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From Spur Award-winning author Nelson C. Nye comes two classic action and adventure Western novels packaged together for the first time.

In Quick-trigger Country, Turk was just a kid when he got hooked up with Curly Bill Graham’s outlaw gang, but quickly made a name for himself as a fast and fearless gunslinger. Membership in the Graham gang brought Turk every bit of the action and excitement he’d always craved—until the border raids turned into an excuse for senseless killing. When the range war flared, Turk and the Graham gang found themselves on opposite sides. He’d fight to the death to get back on the side of the law, but if he wound up on Boot Hill, he’d sure as shootin’ take Curly Bill with him!

In G Stands for Gun, Sudden Shane rode through the moonlight, his guns ready for the final showdown with Jarson Lume, the merciless gun boss of Tortilla Flat… Lume had made a hellhole out of the town from the very moment gold had been discovered in the mountains. Now all law and order had vanished—the killings were so numerous people had stopped counting.

But Sudden Shane wasn’t the type of hombre who took things lying down. His guns were as fast as the next man’s. When the smoke cleared, either he or Lume was going to be dead…

Nelson Nye’s award-winning westerns: “Start at top speed and keep going hell bent-for-leather through to the smashing finish. The tempo of his stories is breakneck from start to finish. With climax piled atop climax.” – Tucson Daily Citizen