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Branded Vengeance (Dark Range Book #3)

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“…this page-turner left me with a knot in my throat that’s still there…” —Bestselling Author Peter Brandvold on Brand Chaser, Dark Range book one

Emory Cross is fresh from a shootout at her family’s legacy ranch when she’s sent on a temporary assignment to a remote corner of Colorado. But the Old West is alive and well in this corner of the state, and Emory soon stumbles upon a body hanging from a crossbar—with the sign “HORSE THIEF” attached to his chest.

Determined to identify the corpse and figure out what trouble is afoot, Emory finds herself up against the ever-present—if often invisible—dark underbelly of the modern West. But she’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

As the mystery surrounding the murdered man hangs in the balance, Emory pushes her broken heart to the side and vows to uncover local ranchers’ secrets and track down the killer for good.

If you like gripping tales of resolute, independent women committed to fighting for justice that are packed with suspense, action, and thrills, you’ll love Branded Vengeance.