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Good Water: A Coming-Of-Age YA Western Novel

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Finalist for the 2017 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award, and second place for the 2017 Will Rogers Medallion Award.

From the award-winning author of Castle Butte comes a young adult western adventure of courage, friendship, and justice.

Join Tommy Reeves and Red Armstrong, two daring ranch hands, as they defy prejudice and stand up for justice in the face of relentless hatred. When their foreman warns them to stay away from the Mexican community, they refuse to back down. But their defiance comes at a cost when they lose their jobs and face dangerous opposition from Vinch Cushman, a man determined to drive the Mexican people from their land.

As tensions rise and violence escalates, Tommy finds unlikely allies in Bill Lockwood and the resilient Mexican villagers. Together, they must fight against oppression and injustice, confronting cattle stampedes, marauders, and even a prairie fire. But with courage and determination, they refuse to be silenced.

Will Tommy and his allies succeed in their mission to restore peace and justice to the Wild West?

Experience the power of friendship, courage, and solidarity in this gripping tale of resilience and redemption. Grab your copy now and join the fight for justice on the untamed frontier!