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Behind the Mask: A YA Contemporary Novel (Carnivalesque Book #2)

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From the author of Above the Fold comes a charming romance in this dreamy contemporary novel.

Budding artist Dinah Zimmerman is recovering from a relationship with the boy next door who happens to be hounding her to get back together. When she visits the famous Carnivalesque one night, she meets Harvey—a smooth talker who asks her to dance. But their dance is interrupted when several of his exes bathe him in milkshakes and douse him with water balloons.

Dinah has little interest in dating yet another bad boy. Nonetheless, her plans are derailed when Harvey offers her exactly what she needs—space from her ex. Wanting to “fake date” Dinah to convince everyone he can be a serious, one-woman guy, Harvey offers to be Dinah’s buffer so that she can focus on her art. He even sweetens the deal by offering her a chance to paint exhibits at the carnival.

As the two work to sell their ruse, Dinah begins to confuse their fake relationship with reality, and when Harvey’s ex—the one who got away—comes back into his life, Dinah has to risk telling Harvey the truth…or letting him go.