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A Deadly Shade of Rose

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Paul Granger is a biology professor at a small New Mexican university on sabbatical, presently spending some time at his brother’s cabin in Colorado, west of Colorado Springs. His passion used to be hunting, but nowadays he doesn’t much care to kill anything larger than the trout that inhabit mountain streams.

On one such outing, he’s challenged by Marcie Rose, an attractive female government agent who is being pursued by a bunch of baddies. She’s leery of Granger, but eventually takes him into her confidence revealing that someone is sabotaging detonators used in nuclear warheads.

Granger has a past that involved some government-sanctioned assassinations during the Vietnam War… it’s a past that he’s not anxious to relive and would prefer that it and its memories remained buried. Unfortunately, the deadly game Marcie Rose is involved in forces him to exhume the corpse of that past and the skills he once relied on to stay alive.