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Rio Bonito (Three Rivers Book #2)

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Wes Bracken is a man caught in the crossfire of a bloody war. In Rio Bonito, the second book in Preston Lewis's award-winning Three Rivers Trilogy, he faces enemies on both sides of the law in the wild New Mexico Territory. He refuses to join either of the feuding factions that are tearing Lincoln County apart, but that only makes him a target for both.

Bracken tries to do what's right, but he is branded a vigilante, a rustler, and a killer by those who want him dead. He must fight to protect his family and friends from the outlaws who roam the land, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Justice is not only blind in Lincoln County; it's buried under a pile of corpses.

As he struggles to survive, Bracken also has to deal with his friendship with Billy the Kid, the notorious outlaw who casts a long shadow over his life. Will Bracken be able to stay true to himself and his principles in this violent and lawless land?