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Yellow Knife's Slaughter (The Pony Soldiers Book #13)

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Lt. Colonel Colt Harding is deep into training his Lighting Troop at Fort West, Missouri when he gets new orders. A renegade band of Ponca Indians is tearing up mid-Kansas. He has to stop them, return them to their reservation, or destroy them. The troop takes on the challenge.

Soon he is called to rescue fourteen whites who were captured from a small wagon train in Nebraska. The Arapaho renegades are holding eight women and five kids. His Troop of sixty-six makes the rescue and loses only two of the captives to Arapaho killers. Then he punishes the outlaw Indians, kills most of them, and scatters the rest.

Soon he is ordered to Kansas City to receive the coveted Crossed Sabers for Gallantry medal for his rescue of the captives. He takes the medal and a promotion to full Colonel only if he can continue to lead his Troop into fighting the Indianans. He can. His next assignment is to fill out his Troop to 90 men with thirty new ones.

Then he is ordered to find and stop a ten-year thorn in the army’s side, the Comanche Chief Yellow Knife. The Indian is talented, tricky and a master at fighting. Colt heads out with his larger Troop determined to find and eliminate Yellow Knife. But can he do it?