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Fear the Reaper

When John ‘Reaper’ Kane is forced to gun down a fourteen-year-old boy in self-defense, the combat-weary warrior becomes disillusioned with the endless cycle of blood and violence his life has become.

He goes off-grid in the remote mountain town of Vesper Lake for a week of soul-searching, but when he steps in to help a young woman from being molested, his two-fisted interference finds him running afoul of the local sheriff. In the violent aftermath, he discovers that the town suffers under the crushing stranglehold of Nazareno ‘The Nazarene Dragon’ Pedregon, a ruthless drug lord commanding his criminal empire from inside Black Bog Federal Prison, a cesspool of death and corruption.

Framed for murder, Kane is dragged into the prison and forced to fight for his life when Nazareno finds out who he really is. After surviving a series of brutal, kill-or-be-killed battles, Kane pulls off a brazen escape and flees into the deep, unforgiving woods of the Adirondack Mountains, hunted by both a prison special operations team and cartel kill-squads.

Alone, exhausted, and outgunned, with enemies closing in on all sides, the odds are stacked against him. But when the hunt turns primal, Kane knows that the only way to survive is by tooth and nail.