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Yellowstone Thunder (National Parks Book #3)

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YELLOWSTONE THUNDER is a grand historical novel about a young California woman and her Chumash Indian friend who flee for their lives having no idea that their fates will carry them all the way to what is today our magnificent Yellowstone National Park. With the help and protection of a mountain man named Hawk and a handsome fortune seeker named Quinn they will come to know and love the gentle Sheepeater Indians, the Nez Perce and fear the deadly Blackfeet who raid their wilderness paradise in search of food, horses and slave women.

This is one of a series of National Park novels that multiple-award-winning author Gary McCarthy has researched and written putting the reader right into the heart of the creation of some of our most famous National Parks and whose titles are: YOSEMITE THUNDER, GRAND CANYON THUNDER, MESA VERDE THUNDER, and RIVER THUNDER. If you like history interwoven with fascinating characters you will find this series very much to your liking.