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Wyoming Shootout: A John Pope Western (Gun For Wells Fargo Book #2)

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With former Pinkerton detective Sarah Watson firmly established as Wells Fargo Detective John Pope’s partner, the two are dispatched to Wyoming Territory to investigate a series of stage and train robberies.

The first problem is: one gang, or two? Using cutting-edge criminology for 1882, the detectives brave blizzards to solve the cases and bring the outlaws to justice – some are brought in on the saddle, some over the saddle. Before the two detectives can be recalled, the office where they are assigned is robbed and several are murdered.

Now, it’s personal.

A suspect begins to materialize, he is Kid Taos. He’s a fast gun fixated on becoming a dime novel hero, but he might have just met his match. Pope and a pair of .44s are blocking the Kid’s path to fame – it’s either a pine box or a noose.