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When Honor Dies: An FBI Crime Thriller (The Bureau Book #10)

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In The Bureau's final episode, When Honor Dies, Hardy and Wyman Gantt continue on their paths of service to the CIA and FBI in a world fraught with terrorism emanating simultaneously from the Middle East and on the home front.

Agent Erin O'Hara finds sufficient evidence to put her on the track of colleague Stephen Barnes, but not enough to file charges against him yet. Barnes presses on with his campaign to undermine the FBI.

Angelo Giordano dons his brother's mantle as head of the New York Cosa Nostra family and finds himself besieged by interlopers from abroad, as well as Gotham's own historical Five Families.

Ex-Sergeant Payton Sawyer seeks a way to pacify Harlem's crime-ridden streets without a badge to give him the required authority.

The fates of clashing families collide in the chaos of 9/11, which will change America forever.