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Trouble at Buzzard Pass: A Snake and the Dog-Man Classic Western (Snake and the Dog-Man Book #4)

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These cowboy drifters are back in the saddle for another gun-toting adventure, the likes of which they’ve never seen before.

When Snake and Dog-man, owners of a newly acquired ranch, embark on their first cattle drive to market, their path becomes fraught with adversity. After the local sheriff is tragically killed, lawlessness prevails in the area, and—amidst relentless attempts to safeguard their herd—the cattle drive is marred by attacks, resulting in the demise of an outlaw and one of his sons.

Consumed by vengeance, the surviving son relentlessly pursues Snake and Dog-man, launching a series of assaults. As the cattle drive teeters on the brink of abandonment, lives hang in the balance, and even Snake’s adopted son faces peril.

Can Snake and Dog-man successfully navigate troubles at Buzzard Pass with their massive herd? And what awaits them at trail’s end, with the shadow of a known killer looming large?

Discover the riveting western saga in the fourth installment of the ongoing Snake and Dog-man series. Order your copy today!