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The War Torn Series: Volume One (Books #1-#3)

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The epic struggle of the century – World War II.

It's America and her allies at war against tyrants who'd subjugate all, and every American must risk all to help himself, his family, and his country to survive.

The Holts, an Illinois family, are caught up in the trials of World War II, their sons as soldiers and their daughter the wife of a soldier. While in the hell that is Germany, Martin Holt experiences the ebb of war, where people are struggling for their very existence. The conflict is not only fought by those in the air, but by those at home who wait to see if loved ones will return.

Some may live, some may not, but all, even those at home, will serve.

The War Torn Series: Volume One includes The Brave And The Lonely, The Embattled And The Bold, The Fallen and The Free.