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The Trail to Retribution: A Classic Western Series (The Plainsman Westerns Book #9)

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Bestselling Author B.N. Rundell strikes gold once again with the next installment in the continuing saga of Reuben and Elly Grundy, reluctant marshals keeping the peace in God’s country.

The nation was restless for it was a time of great change. The war was ending, and soldiers were returning to homes that had been destroyed, families that were scattered, and little hope for the future. But the west offered limitless opportunity–and limitless ways to perish. The San Luis Valley of Colorado Territory, where Reuben and Elly Grundy had been tasked with keeping the peace, was particularly fraught with strife.

As chief Ouray of the Tabeguache Ute sought to ratify a treaty with the soldiers at Fort Garland, the leaders of the Capote Ute and Mouache Ute were against the white men encroaching on their historic territory. Would the reluctant marshals be able to return peace to the mountain valleys of the lush Colorado Territory? It might require more than somebody with a badge, or even the proven leaders of the native tribes. If they failed, Sangre de Cristo would be more than just the name of the mountains…