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The Minas Deception: A Scott Stiletto Thriller (Scott Stiletto Book #5)

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Venezuela is in the midst of a civil war. Rebel forces are facing the hardened army of dictator Lazaro Minas, who uses death squads and secret prisons to keep dissent against his regime to a minimum. Hostilities have ceased after a hurricane ravages the island, but tempers are short, and both sides are itching to resume the fight.

Scott Stiletto’s mission is to bring guns and medical supplies to the rebels, and the horror of what they’re facing propels him into the fight. This is a battle he cannot ignore. The innocent suffer while under the boot of a dictator who presents himself to the world as a benign leader equal to others.

Venezuela is a powder keg where madmen control others with fear and violence. Scott Stiletto plans to show them what real fear – and sudden death – feels like.

Full of nail-biting suspense – The Minas Deception is the fifth book in the hard-edged Scott Stiletto series.