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The Last Command: The U-Boat Series (The U-Boat Book #4)

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The war was entering its final phase and the Allied net was closing ever more tightly round the remnants of the Reich. Now the hunter became the hunted and, as each man was forced to admit to himself that the end was inevitable, it was equally inevitable that each should look to his own salvation.

Korvettenkapitan Bergman knew very well that Oberleutenant Karl Zetterling had something to hide but at a time when suspicion was every man’s shadow, it was vital to move with the utmost caution. Why did Bergman not want Zetterling to carry out the job he had been sent to do? And what was Bergman himself trying to hide?

With the skill that those who have read Action Atlantic and Tokyo Torpedo will have come to expect of him, Edwyn Gray brilliantly recreates the atmosphere of the deadly battle beneath the waves which Korvettenkapitan Konrad Bergman has waged for four years with unrivaled success. But his last command was to be the most dramatic of all.