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The Attraction: House of Illusion (The Attraction Book #1)

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"An engaging and moving blend of comedy, suspense, and a well-defined male teen voice." —Kirkus Reviews

Discover a thrilling mystery by the author of Off Trail—a humorous journey filled with chilling twists and a hidden fortune waiting to be found.

Nate and Lily knew their mother was different. All it took was a hunch or a bad feeling and the family would be uprooted and moving to a different apartment or even a different town. But when the two are torn out of their life in the ritzy North Bay for the summer and dropped in "the Mississippi of California" on the Sacramento River Delta, Nate Caldwell and his sister Lily see it as one more move in a series of lurching disruptions driven by their mother's suspicion that something or someone is after them.

When they settle into life around their uncle's House of Illusion roadside attraction, Nate meets Mia—who makes all the girls he knew in the North Bay seem shallow and dull—and begins to connect with local teens who couldn't be more different than the privileged classmates he left behind.

As they delve deeper into the attraction's mysterious history, Nate unravels the enigma that fueled his mother's suspicions. Don't miss this engaging blend of comedy, suspense, and authentic teenage experiences. Dive into the intrigue now and join Nate on his unforgettable journey!