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Sworn To Darkness: A Novel of Vengeance, No Matter the Cost

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Drama unfolds when work at a construction site inadvertently disturbs the final resting place of an ancient enemy. After three hundred years, an old curse, forged in blood and shaped by the cruelty of the long-forgotten King Phillip’s War, returns, seeking vengeance upon the unsuspecting citizens of historic Birchfield, Massachusetts. Amos, the terror of so many Bay State frontier village inhabitants, is back.

Many years before, this villain met his doom under mysterious circumstances and was said to have turned to black magic to escape a terrible, prolonged, and painful death. But a dark promise had been made before he met his fate…a promise he fully intended to keep.

Without warning, the small New England town is suddenly engulfed in a ferocious wave of violence, tragedy, and terror, never before seen by its residents. Whispers of a blood-thirsty werewolf, or some kind of shape-shifting creature, prowling the shadows, soon begin to circulate among the locals, and it falls upon the shoulders of three unwitting boys, Brian Lapointe, and his two pals, to fend off the descending darkness. The future now rests with these young friends, who must confront their town’s inner demons before they all pay the ultimate price for its past sins.