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Siskiyou Trail: A Classic Western Series (McCain Chronicles Book #5)

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Bestselling author B.N. Rundell continues the thrilling western classic, following Elijah McCain on his life’s journey to fulfill an impossible promise…

Amidst the growing chaos of post-Civil War America, former Union Colonel Elijah McCain is on a mission to find his deserter stepsons. Going through more struggles than he thought possible—maybe more than when he was a general in the war—McCain finally locates his stepsons, only to have them flee the civilized East in favor of the adventurous West.

When their reckless decisions begin to catch up with them and they’re kidnapped and thrown aboard a clipper ship, McCain is forced into action in order to save them. As fate would have it, he finds himself traveling down the Siskiyou Trail, a path littered with Mexican banditos, lost Danish settlers, and a disgruntled tribe of displaced Native Americans.

Despite the obstacles thrown in the path of this ruthlessly determined and retired colonel, McCain gave his word, and he will allow nothing—man, nature, or evil incarnate—to keep him from fulfilling his promise.

As McCain finds himself one step closer to fulfilling his covenant…he’s not sure what the cost will be. Prepare to be gripped by the non-stop action in this historical western novel, showcasing the grit and strength of one husband’s promise to his dying wife.