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Showdown at Pinos Altos: The Colton Brothers Saga

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Award-winning author Melody Groves brings back the Colton Brothers for another action-packed, show-stopping adventure!

Andy Colton, the youngest of the Colton brothers, leaves Mesilla to pursue gold mining in New Mexico’s Black Range. However, he finds little gold and is captured by a runaway slave while fleeing from a band of Apache. Andy recovers from his wounds with the help of the slave but soon realizes that the man wants a “boy of his own.”

When news reaches Mesilla that the Apache have raided Santa Rita and Pinos Altos–areas where Andy was last known to be–his brothers Trace and James set out to search for him. Meanwhile, their third brother, Luke, arrives in Mesilla from Kansas for a visit but stays behind to help James and Trace’s wives.

After being sold to the Apache by the slave, Andy is used as bait to lure James in for revenge–James had killed the Apache leader’s brother. A fight ensues between the Coltons and the Apache at the church in Pinos Altos, ensuring an explosive showdown not soon to be forgotten.