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Rowdy: The Complete YA Teen Western Series (Books #1-#6)

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From award-winning author Chris Mullen comes an explosively exciting coming-of-age western series. Immerse yourself in this thrilling saga, filled with danger, redemption, and unbreakable bonds.

Rowdy: Wild and Mean, Sharp and Keen sets the stage for a riveting journey. Follow thirteen-year-old Rowdy, who, after a tragic encounter with a merciless gang, finds himself adrift on the Mississippi River. Alone and determined, he embarks on a perilous quest, honing his skills and becoming the man his father envisioned.

In the bonus short story, The Hunt, ride with Rowdy into the mountains as he and Roberson embark on a long-awaited hunting expedition. Trekking deep in the rugged landscape, they soon find themselves stalked by an invisible terror lurking in the shadows. Faced with mounting dangers, they must make a harrowing choice in this riveting tale of suspense and survival.

In Rowdy: Redemption, a devastating fire sparks Rowdy's relentless pursuit of vengeance. Join him as he unravels the mystery behind the Circle 'R' arson, seeking retribution for his fallen comrades.

The heart-pounding adventure continues in Rowdy: Dead or Alive. Fleeing false accusations, Rowdy races against time to elude capture and clear his name. Battling through adversity, he discovers unexpected allies and reunites with a familiar face from his past. However, his path is fraught with peril as old enemies resurface and a relentless bounty hunter tracks his every move.

In Rowdy: Rescue, an enemy's ruthless act plunges Rowdy into a race against time. When his beloved friends Thomas and Anne Marie are kidnapped, he sets out on a dangerous pursuit through treacherous terrain.

Witness the internal struggle between justice and revenge in Rowdy: To Catch a Killer. Rowdy finds himself torn when he joins a pursuit to capture cattle rustlers. However, when vengeance strikes close to home, he must confront his conflicting emotions and decide the rightful course of action.

The thrilling finale, Rowdy: Return, brings together all the lessons Rowdy has learned on his arduous journey. Faced with a treacherous storm and a cunning gambler, Rowdy's pursuit takes an unexpected turn. Driven by love and family bonds, Rowdy risks everything to find and save his brother.

Join Rowdy as he navigates a world of peril and discovery, where survival, redemption, and love collide. Grab your copy today and immerse yourself in the gripping world of Rowdy!