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Rowdy: Dead or Alive (Rowdy Book #3)

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From award-winning author Chris Mullen comes the third installment in this explosively exciting coming-of-age western series.

Afraid of his capture and being forced to face false accusations of the killing of Patrick Byrne, Rowdy is unable to stop his flight of Dodge City. Racing through the dead of night, blood-trailing from a gunshot wound to his shoulder, and in need of care before it is too late, he succumbs to pain and exhaustion but is helped by a surprising source.

Wanting to repay his rescuers, Rowdy sets off to bring a family back together and stumbles upon an old friend from the past that leads him on a journey he could never have expected.

But Rowdy’s troubles are far from over. As encounters with old enemies resurface, he discovers he is being tracked by an ornery and ruthless bounty hunter. Surprised and betrayed, Rowdy is bound and forced to return to Dodge City.

Recovering from a battered body and a bruised heart, all hope seems lost. With dreams of returning to “Circle R” where friends and family await, will Rowdy finally be able to set the record straight?

“This kid’s life is a non-stop roller coaster of intrigue, adventure, challenges and overcoming everything the old west has to offer.” —Early Reader