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Paul Bishop Presents...Bandit Territory: Ten New Tales of Murder & Mayhem

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In bandit territory, writers can think the unthinkable and then put those thoughts into words on paper—words to chill their readers’ souls.

Bandit Territory is a place you don’t go unless you are alert, armed, and have plenty of backup.

There is plenty of bandit territory in corporation boardrooms, political campaigns, or high-stakes poker rooms—a place where the rules don’t apply, where the knives come out, and fortunes and lives can be destroyed in a heartbeat. The most dangerous bandit territory, however, is in the mind.

This deviant and deadly psychological bandit territory is also where crime and mystery writers thrive. It is here they hatch plots, dare to think the thoughts others would find abhorrent and ask ugly questions of themselves and their characters.

Includes stories by Paul Bishop, Nikki Nelson Hicks, Nicholas Cain, Richard Prosch, Wayne D. Dundee, Mel Odom, Ben Boulden, Jeremy Brown, Hock Hochheim, Scott Dennis Parker, and Jason Chirevas.