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Outlaw Ranger, Volume Four: A Classic Western Series (Books #7 & #8)

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New York Times bestselling author James Reasoner returns with another gritty, fast-moving tale of the Outlaw Ranger.

Lured by the Mexican government's bounty for Native American scalps, a ruthless gang led by serial killer John Grafton roams both sides of the Tex-Mex border, killing hapless travelers and raiding isolated villages, slaying anyone—Native, Hispanic, even dark-haired whites—whose scalps may be translated into cash across the Rio Grande. G.W. Braddock, at loose ends between paying jobs at the moment, teams with a survivor of one massacre to track the killers down and bring them to rough justice, dodging 
federales and rogue tribesmen in the process.

From one adventure to the next, Braddock soon becomes involved in the Chamizal dispute between Mexico and the U.S. Unclaimed land on the border led to a 385-acre Cordova Island, described as a 
"haven of crime” and smuggling which remained lawless through the years of U.S. Prohibition, and now Braddock is needed to avenge a crime.

Outlaw Ranger, Volume 4 includes Scalp Hunters and Six-Gun Island.