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Nobody's Favorite: A Jake Morgan Thriller (Jake Morgan Book #3)

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Join neo-gunslinger, Jake Morgan, as he investigates the most confusing homicide of his career—filled with small-town secrets and high-stakes crime.

While conducting a routine traffic stop, Jake narrowly escapes a violent car crash that leaves the driver in a coma. But when his attention is diverted to the murder of Martin Saunders, a high school teacher who seems universally disliked, Jake finds himself drawn into the ‘perfect crime.’

At first glance, it appears that Martin met his end through a brutal bludgeoning. However, the case takes a complicated turn when the town’s enigmatic medical examiner disputes this conclusion, leaving a long list of suspects—including school faculty, board members, and city council officials.

With the help of two trusted friends and an unapologetic approach that’s starting to create friction with the local population, Jake must sift through a convoluted web of jealousy and deceit. But being nobody’s favorite isn’t doing him any favors.

For fans of the Wyatt Storme series, W.L. Ripley spins a dark and witty thriller, featuring a razor-sharp investigator who burns with a singular moral code.

Are you ready to uncover the truth behind a mysterious homicide that’s left a community in turmoil? Order your copy now.