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Mayhem in Eureka County: A Terrence Corcoran Western (Terrence Corcoran Book #9)

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Murder, infidelity, and intrigue…a Western whodunit full of enough twists and turns–and plenty of action–to satisfy even the most hardened of appetites!

It's a wet spring in 1870s Eureka, Nevada, when the wife of a leading mine owner is found murdered while on a picnic with her housekeeper. The woman has had numerous romantic adventures with other men, including saloon and hotel owner Gordon Hatfield, Blacksmith Abe Afeldt, and District Attorney William Phelps.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Terrence Corcoran believes any one of the men, including the woman's husband, may have been responsible for the crime. While investigating, Corcoran discovers that Hatfield is in serious financial trouble. Enough so, that Hatfield arranges to have his business burned down while simultaneously plotting to rob the Eureka Bank.

An insurance investigator named Arthur Bellows joins Corcoran in his effort to solve the crimes which keep stacking up, with seemingly no end in sight…