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The Buckskin Chronicles, Volume 2 (Books #6-#10)

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He had been challenged to carve a ranch out of the wilderness of the West. To partner with the brother of one of the most successful ranchers in Texas and build the first ranch in the wilds of the territories. Caleb and his wife and friends chose to confront the wilds of what would become Wyoming territory and establish one of the first ranches in that desolate country. Little did it matter that they knew nothing about ranching or cattle but the challenge had been given and accepted. However, the land he chose lay between the Ute Indians and their enemy, the Cheyenne, and with all the other difficulties that included an unmerciful winter, a pack of hungry wolves, and a monster mama grizzly bear bent on protecting her cubs, what more could be thrown their way?

Gunfights, Indian Wars, nature's fury, and more assault the pioneers as they seek to build the first cattle ranch along the Cherokee Trail. Yet the new frontier fought back against anyone that sought to leave their mark on the virgin territory claimed by the wild animals and the Native Americans. But destiny would have a hand and that hand had been dealt. What would be the outcome of this game of life?

Includes Volumes 6-10 of the Buckskin Chronicles series: To The Sierra Madre, To The Cache La Poudre, To The Overland Trail, To The Sangre De Cristo, and To The San Juan.