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Kindred Spirits: A Paranormal Ghost Romance

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A captivating paranormal romance that embarks on a journey of newfound love…and the everlasting effects of grief.

After a devastating accident, young billionaire Jack Malone is left wanting for the family and life he lost. Closing his heart off to the world in fear of feeling the same heartache, he has become a notorious recluse and landlord to several houses in St. Augustine. But despite his best efforts to keep people at arm’s length, his carefully constructed world is about to crumble.

When teacher Sydney Crane blows into town, she doesn’t expect her first encounter with her landlord to involve property vandalization—and unexpected nudeness. Off to a rocky start, she is determined to change Jack’s opinion of her. But after the unexplainable shakes her world and she finds herself in his protective embrace…she worries she may have ventured too far.

As Jack and Sydney’s connection deepens, so do their supernatural encounters. Navigating past heartache and an increasingly haunted house, their pursuit of love becomes a race against time that even they fear they won’t survive.

Will Jack and Sydney be able to unravel an ancient murder before their chance at love evaporates faster than a fleeting apparition?

Get swept away by this heart-wrenching paranormal romance that showcases the strength of one couple’s resolve and their key to happily ever after.