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Comanche Moon (The Pony Soldiers Book #3)

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When White Eagle kidnapped Major Harding's daughter, he signed his own death warrant. Every day he held the little girl in harsh slavery it brought him closer to the hour of his execution. For White Eagle was not up against an ordinary troop of cavalry, he was being hunted by remorseless men who lived only to kill, relentless men who would rather die than turn back. There was nowhere on earth White Eagle could run, nowhere he could hide from the brutal revenge of the...PONY SOLDIERS. The Comanche are fighting for their very existence...and the Pony Soldiers have to be in their gunsights if they are to survive. It's a battle of cavalry company against tribe, of man against man, of the very survival of both. And there's blood on the moon, and soaking the prairie. Don't miss this exciting action-adventure novel from America's premiere western author, Chet Cunningham.